West Seattle Lights
2010 Photos
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Mega Tree Mast and Stand

Mini Tree / Arches Support Poles
and "Streamer" Guy Wires

Weber Tree Stand and Ring

My son Jonathan and myself lifting 9,600 lights weighing about 150 lbs of C6 lights (96 - 100ct strings) onto the rood for our 20' Weber Tree

5 Mini Trees Collapsed

The crew from "Evening Magazine" taking some
 video for an upcoming episode on King 5

The 5 Mini Trees and Mega Tree

Our 8' Mega Tree also with 9,600 C6 lights
with the 6' Star on top and our
"Listen To The Lights" on 101.9FM Banner

The 5 Mini Trees

The 5 Mini Trees and Mega and Mini Arch supports

Mini Trees with Guy Wires for Streamers
 that will go up to the Weber Tree
(Streamer Guy Wires not yet attached)